How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Speaker Wires

Running long speaker wires is an integral part of setting up any home theater system. However, they are some alternatives for creating cable clutter in your living room. I will take a look at some options which promise to get rid of those ugly speaker wires.

How to Purchase Audio Components for Less Than the Published Retail Price

Obviously, everybody likes to get a bargain when purchasing audio equipment. However, manufacturers usually publish list prices and also have fairly strict requirements in terms of the published retail price for their products. This is especially true if you purchase brand-name products. That means that regardless of the retailer, you

Come to Grips with the Latest Technology

It is quite mind-boggling to think about what manufacturers have invented over the last few decades. However, many inventions are not made by large companies but rather by individuals work out of the basement. Every so often, inventions are discovered by large manufacturers and are implemented into new products. Unfortunately,